Supplementary Services

Visitor Management System & App

Visitor management software electronically monitors and records information about visitors and employees of a business or public building. The software also documents and gathers information about a visitor’s whereabouts in the facility. Visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more efficient, accurate, and consistent; they also provide the ability to store visitor information in a database. Visitor management software increases building security and protects facilities and employees.

Fire Drill

A fire drill is a method of practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

The purpose of fire drills in buildings is to ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely as quickly as possible if a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergency occurs.

Evacuation Procedure

An evaculation plan lays out how to exit a building safely during an emergency.

Evacuation Procedure – When Alarm Sounds

1) Leave Immediately By The Nearest Exit
2) Proceed in an Orderly Manner to an Assembly Point
3) Remain at Assembly Point Until all clear is given