Security Services

Security is our Core Competency

Whatever be your security need, at Sooper Trooper we are well-equipped to professionally serve you with unmatched credibility.

Static & Mobile Guarding

We are equipped to provide static as well as mobile guarding security officers to safeguard your premises against unauthorized accss to prevent theft and malicious damage

Executive Protection

Our executive protection service module is specially designed keeping celebrities, VIPs, executives, government officials, and others seeking specialized protective services in mind. Look no further. Our expert team is trained to meet all types of unforeseen security challenges and will always be there to protect you whenever uncertainty strikes.

Escorting & Personal Bodyguards

At STF, we understand the priorities involved while escorting and safeguarding VIPs and other eminent dignitaries. Rely on our professionally trained escorts and personal bodyguards for smooth execution and zero security worries.

Lady Marshals

At STF, we are equipped with a competent force of lady marshals to cater companies and organisations that insist on women security personnel. Trained in frisking and other security related operations, they are ideal for premises that attract women footfalls.

Exhibition & Event Security

Events and Exhibitions demand round the clock security and expert crowd management capabilities. At STF, we have understood this and have come up with a 36o degree security management solution for total peace of mind.

Emergency Response Services

Emergencies spring up unexpectedly and often bring risk to life, property and the environment. They call for quick action and intelligent allocation of resources to minimize multiple losses. Our Emergency Response Services are trained to offer the same with enhanced crisis management techniques.

Risk Analysis & Crisis Management

Being unprepared during crisis not only piles up loses but also harms the reputation of your company. Rely on our tailor-made Risk Analysis & Crisis Management capabilities to efficiently manage adverse situations and minimize damages.

Sniffer Dogs

Rely on our sniffer dog squads for fool-proof security of property, safety and life of clients. Trained under experienced dog trainers, these dogs are capable of sniffing and detecting drugs, explosives and other social threats with unmatched accuracy.

Technology-enabled Security

At STF, we also specialize in the supply and operations of technology-led gadgets like walkie-talkies and CCTV cameras to add a new dimension to security. Designed to deliver superior safety standards every product offered is a testimony of our commitment to excellence in security and surveillance.